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-Blogmas day 20- Asda Little Angles Nappies *Review*

I was using Aldi mamia nappies from when Logan was newborn and they were great, but as he moved up into bigger sizes we noticed a lot of leaking nappies especially at those 3am wake up calls!

So I then moved him onto pampers baby dry nappies which I had no leaking with but as they were more expensive I couldn’t keep buying these especially in bulk so I needed an alternative, and since I buy my pampers nappies from Asda anyway I noticed that they did their own range which were the Little Angels and there was a fantastic offer on which was 3 packs for £10, yes £10 which was an absolute bargain, and they weren’t small packs either there are like 48 nappies in each pack, so I decided to give these ones a go, you can check that deal out here if you like; Little Angles Nappies.

My first impressions where great actually the design on the nappy is pretty cute, but I would just like to say I would like to say maybe a cute little tiger or raccoon instead of an elephant or maybe every pack of nappies has different designs that way you can mix and match designs that you like.

When trying them on Logan for the first time they felt really spacious but actually there was an indicator on the nappies which told you when it was time to move them up to the next size which I thought was super neat and useful, I’ve not seen any nappies with that design feature before, so that’s a plus. I’m happy to say that we haven’t had one accident or leaky explosion and I definitely intend on using these nappies from now on, and for the price you can’t argue with that, and now they have their Christmas range of little angles out so look out for my super cute Instagram post of Logan in a Santa clause nappy, and apparently they even have a range of Pepper pig “first pants” by the little angles brand too, which i will definitely be purchasing on Friday as they look so adorable.

So overall I am super pleased with these little angels nappies and in fact I adore the little angles bedtime lavender bubble bath too, so much cheaper than the Johnsons bedtime bath as well, but does exact same thing.

Let me know which nappies you use for your little ones, are they good? What nappies don’t you like and why?

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed my review.

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-Blogmas day 19- Logan’s 7 month update

I never thought 7 months would come around this fast, it doesn’t seem that long ago when he was a newborn and sleeping for hours at a time, and could barely even lift his head, but he’s come on leaps and bounds since then and definitely has a cheeky/lovable personality.

What’s new this month:

  • Very very mobile
    • always wants to be on the move whether that be sitting on the floor, on my lap or in the jumperoo
  • Pulling himself up
    • He is just starting to try and pull himself up onto his feet, he loves standing up
  • He is cutting his 3rd/4th teeth
    • Teething is a bit*ch!
  • He still hasn’t got much hair, i think he’s going to be very fair like me and his dad
  • He is sitting totally unaided now, and doesn’t ever fall back or to the sides
  • He is sleeping in his own bedroom now
    • and we have just, literally started sleep training 😦
    • he still wakes atleast two times a night
  • He is in 6-9 month sleepsuit and clothes, but can squeeze into some of his 3-6 month tops still.
  • He loves his jumperoo, and his ball bit with all the colourful balls.
  • He loves his food, whether that be from a jar, or finger food
    • He is loving these organix banana rice cakes at the moment
  • He says mamma/mumma whenever he is crying or wanting comfort

-Blogmas day 18- Christmas on a budget made easy


Money everybody wants it, everybody needs it, everybody loves it, but unfortunately not everybody has it, so how do those people afford Christmas.

When you think of poverty you tend to think of the homeless and those with little household income, but there are more people than what you may think experiencing some sort of poverty and you may not know it, whether that be due to families being torn by a divorce or a parent losing their job etc.

But money isn’t everything and you can enjoy Christmas whether you’re giving very little or can’t give anything at all, because after all Christmas is about family and forgiveness, the best presents are free and don’t cost anything at all, be that a hug, a handmade item, or simply a smile.

However, there are ways of getting the most out of Christmas especially if you’re on a budget, this next part is for you.

  • Check charity shops
    • You’d be surprised what stuff you can find!
  • Buy some of your food from the supermarket reduced section
    • usually around 4/5pm
  • Get creative
    • a handmade gift can be just as special as a shop bought one
  • Candle the place up
    • If you don’t want to splash out on a multitude of lights then get some candles which can make just as a magical, cosy effect
  • Ebay
    • Yes, simple but effective you can usually find what you’re looking for, half the price
  • Don’t spend what you can’t afford
    • Self-explanatory, but please please please don’t feel like you have to take out a loan; if you can’t afford something, don’t pressure yourself to buy it.

At the end of the day, I reckon Christmas is overrated, just a little I mean its over in literally 24 hours and then what? I guarantee about 3 months down the line, half the toys/games you bought for your little ones, families, friends will go under the bed or in the toy box and not be played with, so don’t worry, and just enjoy spending time with your loved ones, because trust me that will create the best memories not some £10 gift card for next or HMV.



-Blogmas day 17- What I really want for Christmas!

If you’d have asked me that question “what do I want for Christmas” when I was younger, I would have replied with “Laptop or mobile”, but now I’m older and wiser and a mummy, its different response I say “I want happiness and a good day with my family, no arguments or stress” so when my fiance asks me what I want for Christmas I don’t reply hoping that he gets what he thinks I want, here’s hoping he knows me well enough, god knows he should we’ve been together 4 and a half years.

Christmas to me is family time, going to my mums for a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and deserts and board games and banter. Christmas to me is not about all the expensive gifts, alcohol or arguments.

This year is going to be extra special too, because we have Logan to enjoy it with and, yeah I know he’s too young to enjoy it or understand what Santa clause is and who the reindeer’s are, but it will create memories and when he’s older I hope he looks back at the pictures I will definitely be taking and say “mum I looked so happy here, I hope this Christmas will be as good as the one I had here”, because Christmas is about giving, not all about receiving.



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-Blogmas day 16- Blogmas

xmas_balls.jpgGosh who would have thought blogging everyday would be quite so difficult, not only did i join in late and have to make up those posts for the days i’d missed, i didn’t prepare at all, so thinking of topics to write about has been a challenge in itself, i know not all my posts have been Christmas related but that’s because i didn’t know they had to be, with this being my first blogmas year.

If i had known i was taking part in blogmas i would have prepared a bit more and perhaps wrote a list of all the topics i may want to talk about and possible Christmas related arts/crafts/baking. I know what i want to make and that is salt dough decorations but sadly dont have the ingredients so may have to give them a miss but i would like to make a mini Christmas dinner for Logan and document how that went.

If you’re struggling with blogmas too, then don’t worry you’re not alone.



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-Blogmas day 15- My top 10 favourite Christmas films

Yesterday i posted my top 10 favourite Christmas songs, so i thought today i would post my top 10 favourite Christmas movies, again in no particular order.

  1. Home alone and Home alone 2
  2. The Grinch
  3. The holiday
  4. Elf
  5. Scrooge
  6. The Santa clause
  7. Jingle all the way
  8. Love actually
  9. Miracle on 34th street (1994)
  10. The Polar Express

Out of all them though i have to say the Grinch is definitely my favourite, closely followed by Home alone just because they always seem to put me in the Christmas spirit. Did your favourite Christmas movie make my top 10 list? If not let me know, and if you’re doing blogmas let me know how your getting on, im slowly running out of topics to talk about.


Christmas, Logan

-Blogmas day 14-My Top 10 favourite Christmas songs

So today i thought i would share with you my top 10 all time favourite christmas songs, in no particular order of course as it would be too difficult to choose my favourite out of this lot.

  1. Wham – Last Christmas
  2. Band aid – Do they know it’s Christmas (1984)
  3. The Pogues- Fairy tale of New York
  4. Michael Buble ft  Idina menzel- Baby it’s cold out there
  5. Mariah Carey- All i want for christmas is you
  6. Wizzard – I wish it could be christmas everyday
  7. Slade – Merry christmas everybody
  8. Boney M- Mary’s boy child
  9. Cliff Richard – Mistletoe and wine
  10. John Lennon – Merry Christmas (War is over)

Which is your favourite christmas song, did make the list? If not then whats your song of choice for the festive season.

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-Blogmas day 13- Logan’s first night in his own room 😥

You did read correctly, yes, last night I made the very brave decision to put Logan in his own room, I had been thinking about it for a while but never got round to it, or I hadn’t had the baby monitors but last Friday I bought these really cheap audio baby monitors which you plug into the wall (will do a review at some point) and so I had no excuse really, It was around 4pm before Logan’s last nap of the evening I had moved his cot from my bedroom into his room, and I had put logan in his own room for that nap and he settled rather quickly in my arms and didn’t wake up when I put him in his cot which he usually does do, and he had about a half an hour nap which was expected as that is one of the shorter naps of the day.

So he had his tea, bottle, bath and some playtime and rob (the OH) went and took logan upstairs into his room, and I was so anxious and nervous at this point, I was just thinking “tonight’s going to be a long night” as I didn’t think he’d sleep for long, but to my surprise he slept really well from 9pm he started fussing at 1am I only went in, put his dummy back in without eye contact, rubbed his back and he fell straight back to sleep until 3am for a bottle/cuddles but he didn’t settle straight away so I brought him into my room for a bit and when he fell asleep I slowly carried him back to his bedroom and off he went to sleep until 8am, so to be honest we had a pretty good night’s sleep, and I am so proud as I think he’s got another tooth coming in as well as he’s dribbling really bad again.

I am just hoping that tonight will be the same or better yet not waking for 3am feed, but we shall see because he still only has about 3 7oz bottles a day which I know doesn’t sound a lot but with BLW and baby porridge it does fill him up, if someone can tell me how many bottles he should be having at 7 months old then I’d love to know.

Here’s to another good sleep tonight and many more to come.

And if you’re thinking about putting your little ones in their own room, then just give it a try I say, you can always bring them back in your room if they are not ready, and if you have already made that transition; how did it go? Do you think there sleep has gotten better/worse, let me know.

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-Blogmas day 12-Why I started blogging

The main reason why I started blogging is because I needed something to do, a hobby if you will while the baby’s asleep, as some of you mums know it can get rather lonely when your other half’s not there and your baby can’t talk back, so I turn to social media and I have made a few mummy friends via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, however I have always been into writing and creating stuff, when I was in college we were encouraged to keep a blog “journal” to keep track of all the work we’ve created.

So blogging isn’t a new tool for me, I’ve always known about it and have started many blogs over the years, but none that I’ve been too passionate about, but when my son was born I decided, why not, I love my son and my fiancé so there was no better time to start blogging, my first blog post on this site was my labour and delivery story, which was naturally going to be my first post as it documents all about how I felt during the contractions and my water birth, which was amazing by the way.

Blogging for me is just another form of social media but without the 139 character word limit, it’s a free form of expression, like a personal diary if you will, because many people can read/find your blog and can sometimes even relate to what you’re saying.

I remember watching a programme on the bbc called “The C Word” based on a real life blog of a woman called Lisa Lynch who blogged all about her experience with her breast cancer diagnosis, portrayed in the programme by the wonderful actress Sheridan Smith, and I remember thinking, one day I want to write a blog as successful as that because other cancer sufferers could relate to her blog and she used clever witty humour to highlight the not so nice parts in her journey. I will leave a link to her blog here,Alrighttit.

So yeah my advice to anyone wishing to start a blog, just go for it, it’s a free country and you’ve got nothing to lose, my only comment would be write about what your passionate about, don’t start a blog about makeup if you don’t wear it, be true to who you are and the ideas will come flooding in and you never know your blog may become a real success and you could earn some cash along the way.

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-Blogmas day 11-Logan’s 6 month update


-sorry i’m always a day late with blogmas, i didn’t realise how difficult it was to blog/thing of something to blog about every single day.-

I cannot believe Logan will be 7 months old this Thursday, where has my baby gone? He is mastering all these new skills, i can’t keep up with him, he’s making a lot of effort to crawl, he no longer just wants to sit in his bouncer chair as he climbs out of it, he loves being on his feet he even made his first aided steps the other day which i couldn’t quite believe.

Things that have happened this month;

  • Sleep regression
    • waking at least once a night for feed/comfort
  • Rolling over
    • front to back
    • back to front
  • eating 2/3 meals a day
  • drinking 7/8 oz bottles
  • becoming increasingly more interested in his toys
  • has tantrums when something is taken from him
  • can sit totally unaided
  • is able to put objects in his mouth
    • improved hand-eye coordination

All in all this past month with Logan has had its highs and lows, but mostly we’ve enjoyed it as he’s getting more and more playful and laughs and loves to play peek a boo, which is his favourite game.

Logan has really come on with Baby led weaning and we now have hardly any gagging incidents, he’s had a wide variety of foods this month including banana pancakes and chicken pasta, i am still combo feeding so he will have jars as well as baby led just because i find that way a lot less stressful and i don’t constantly have to plan his next meals etc, especially if we’re out and about.