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-Blogmas day 19- Logan’s 7 month update

I never thought 7 months would come around this fast, it doesn’t seem that long ago when he was a newborn and sleeping for hours at a time, and could barely even lift his head, but he’s come on leaps and bounds since then and definitely has a cheeky/lovable personality.

What’s new this month:

  • Very very mobile
    • always wants to be on the move whether that be sitting on the floor, on my lap or in the jumperoo
  • Pulling himself up
    • He is just starting to try and pull himself up onto his feet, he loves standing up
  • He is cutting his 3rd/4th teeth
    • Teething is a bit*ch!
  • He still hasn’t got much hair, i think he’s going to be very fair like me and his dad
  • He is sitting totally unaided now, and doesn’t ever fall back or to the sides
  • He is sleeping in his own bedroom now
    • and we have just, literally started sleep training 😦
    • he still wakes atleast two times a night
  • He is in 6-9 month sleepsuit and clothes, but can squeeze into some of his 3-6 month tops still.
  • He loves his jumperoo, and his ball bit with all the colourful balls.
  • He loves his food, whether that be from a jar, or finger food
    • He is loving these organix banana rice cakes at the moment
  • He says mamma/mumma whenever he is crying or wanting comfort
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-Blogmas day 11-Logan’s 6 month update


-sorry i’m always a day late with blogmas, i didn’t realise how difficult it was to blog/thing of something to blog about every single day.-

I cannot believe Logan will be 7 months old this Thursday, where has my baby gone? He is mastering all these new skills, i can’t keep up with him, he’s making a lot of effort to crawl, he no longer just wants to sit in his bouncer chair as he climbs out of it, he loves being on his feet he even made his first aided steps the other day which i couldn’t quite believe.

Things that have happened this month;

  • Sleep regression
    • waking at least once a night for feed/comfort
  • Rolling over
    • front to back
    • back to front
  • eating 2/3 meals a day
  • drinking 7/8 oz bottles
  • becoming increasingly more interested in his toys
  • has tantrums when something is taken from him
  • can sit totally unaided
  • is able to put objects in his mouth
    • improved hand-eye coordination

All in all this past month with Logan has had its highs and lows, but mostly we’ve enjoyed it as he’s getting more and more playful and laughs and loves to play peek a boo, which is his favourite game.

Logan has really come on with Baby led weaning and we now have hardly any gagging incidents, he’s had a wide variety of foods this month including banana pancakes and chicken pasta, i am still combo feeding so he will have jars as well as baby led just because i find that way a lot less stressful and i don’t constantly have to plan his next meals etc, especially if we’re out and about.



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-Blogmas Day 8- Logan’s 5th leap sleep regression 😴

Logan catching flies 

Sleep regression A period of time where a baby misses naps/ wakes more during the night and waking earlier for no apparent reason!

When Logan was a newborn he used to sleep for hours at a time, I even had to wake him up for his bottles because he’d sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, when I was in hospital after having him he was the only baby not crying on the ward, and I felt so bad for the mums that had cesareans as they had to keep buzzing the nurses to help them see to their babies as they couldn’t move.

Then when we brought him home obviously the night times where a different story as he’d wake every 2 hours on the dot for a bottle, and those sleepless/interrupted waking’s where the hardest days by far, but hey you know what we got through them and now I miss those early morning snuggles as Logan was so teeny tiny and didn’t flail about like he does now.
Ah yes the 5th leap sleep regression how I love it…um well actually no I don’t, it’s been a bloody nightmare, ever since Logan started teething the nightly waking’s began, now he has two teeth and another on the way, I can’t see a good night’s sleep on the cards anytime soon, I will just run through his sleep/nap schedule now.

Logan’s nap/sleep schedule:
Nap – 10am (this is usually his longest nap of the day)
Nap – 1pm (this is his shortest nap of the day)
Nap – 3pm (this nap is his 2nd longest one of the day)
Nap- 6/7pm (this one is another short nap)
Sleep- 8/9pm (he usually sleeps until about 1/2am in the morning, has his bottle and then sleeps on and off waking every 2 hours until he wakes up for the day at around 6/7am)

So that’s roughly his schedule at the moment, I may have missed when he has playtime because if he’s not eating or drinking he’s either in his jumperoo or on play mat or just sitting on the sofa with me/daddy watching TV, reading him a book etc.

Don’t let this frighten you mummies/daddies to because you will get through it, luckily we’re nearly at the end of Logan’s 5th leap, and I’m still alive. I’m not going to lie it can be stressful and even when you’re feeling like a mumbie (mum zombie) and feel like quitting, with a little support from your spouse its manageable and before you know it your baby is no longer going through leap and is sleeping through again (I PRAY!)

I have left a link to the wonder weeks website where you can download their app, which is available on the Apple App store/Android play-store and many other platforms, they even have a book/journal to help you keep track of your babies leaps, it has been a life saver and it explains and goes into great detail why your baby might be the way he/she is, it really puts me at ease and helps me see the brighter days and how I can help Logan through the leap.

The Wonder Weeks

Thanks for reading, hope this helps you in some way and gives you some sort of relief, let me know how your babies slept during there leaps. 🙂