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Get your baby to sleep – In under 10 days

*In this post I will be talking about sleep training methods, but I am in no way promoting it as not all babies take to the same way, so use what I say with a pinch of salt/try a few methods to see which one works for you and your baby*

I don’t know about you but I thought the whole process of getting your baby to fall asleep on their own would be a momentous task, especially if you’ve always rocked/hushed/sang them to sleep, so when I started sleep training with Logan I was very surprised with the results and how quickly I saw an improvement in the amount of sleep he was getting at night.

What is sleep training – from what I read; it’s the process of helping a baby learn to fall asleep on their own and stay asleep through the night (however there are several methods to choose and it’s important to pick the right one for you and your partner/family)

The reason why I wanted/needed to start the whole sleep training process with Logan was because, well for one I had just moved him into his own room and I didn’t fancy waking up and going back and to several times a night just to cuddle him back to sleep, and secondly because I wanted him to learn to fall asleep on his own as it is an important skill for all babies to learn.

What sleep training method did I use – I actually didn’t use just one method I use a combination of methods, but I like to call it the “Gentle cry it out method” rather than me explaining and making a complete tit of myself I’ll just bullet point exactly what I do with him that helps him fall asleep.

  • Bath/playtime/bottle
  • Story/song
  • Turn on ewan the dream sheep
  • Put Logan down awake, say goodnight and walk out of the room
  • Wait 5 minutes to see if he starts crying if so go back in and replace dummy, and walk back out again (at the beginning I had to go back in a good 5/6 times until he fell asleep independently but now about 3 weeks later I only have to go back in once or not at all)
  • If Logan wakes up during the night – usually about 1 or 2 am I go back in comfort him/replace dummy and turn ewan the dream sheep back on (this usually takes about 5 minutes before he’s resettled and then I walk out and he’s back to sleep until 3 or 4 am for a bottle and then he goes back down until 6/7/8 am depending on how he’s slept that specific night.
  • And that’s it! (Using this above method, it only took me about 1 week until I saw instant changes/improvements in logan’s sleep)

That is what I have been doing, and it has worked for me, it isn’t nice hearing him cry but honestly its worse for us than it is them, I mean I don’t leave him to cry if he’s hungry or got a full nappy but if I know he’s fulfilled then there’s no harm in letting him try to settle himself back to sleep (I mean that’s the aim here!)

It’s now been nearly 1 month of sleep training and I’m proud to say that I have noticed a significant improvement in both mine and my fiancés sleep and also more importantly Logan’s sleep has improved too because we’re not disrupting each other. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not perfect and Logan has had his nights where he just wasn’t settling and I did bring him into my bed, but that was when he was teething, even now 1 month on he still hasn’t slept through the night and you know what I’m still alive and coping and still getting through my day without feeling like a failure, I just think of how lucky I am because most older babies still wake every 1 or 2 hours.

If you are currently in the process of sleep training, what method do you use and how long did it take you to get your little ones to fall asleep on their own?

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-Blogmas day 25!- Logan’s 1st CHRISTMAS!

I cannot believe just how quickly Christmas day has come around, and I just want to say I am sorry for how slow I’ve been with blogmas, I didn’t realise how difficult it would be blog every single day, I know not all my blogmas posts have been Christmas related, so I hope you can forgive me.
Christmas morning was just like any other really except we got to open presents and an excuse to eat chocolate at 10 in the morning, Logan didn’t have a clue, I think he felt the excitement that me and his daddy were portraying but he didn’t understand about presents or father Christmas with him only being 7 months old. Opening his presents was fun though, I think he would have preferred have wrapping paper for Christmas as he wasn’t interested in the toys, well until all the paper was well out of sight!

As you can see in the pictures I had him dressed in his Christmas outfit, seeing as it won’t fit him next year, well unless I have another boy down the line, but he did get very overwhelmed and didn’t know where to look bless him.

After all, the presents had been opened and Robbie had opened him, and I had opened mine we got dressed and watched some telly, can’t remember what was on but there was some Christmas movie on. For Christmas off Robbie I had a £20 tattoo voucher for Wrexham Ink and a pack of Pokémon cards, and not forgetting he paid for me to get the Logan tattoo I had back in November. And I got Robbie a new pair of work shoes, some sonic the hedgehog socks, a £20 ps4 voucher, some pyjamas’ and some other necessities.
About half 12 my brother picked us up and we went over to my mum’s house, and we had a lovely Christmas dinner, and brandy snaps for desert (Yummy!) – Why is it no one ever gets enough pigs in blankets? They’re the best part!

After all the food was demolished and everyone full up, it was time to open the presents off my mum, logan had some nice clothes and toys and we got some money which funnily enough we spent on an Iceland food shop!

Then later on in the evening, it was monopoly time, I didn’t play because logan was tired and he was more important so I and rob just sat chatting and feeling knackered, as we were used to going to bed at 10 pm these days!

Hope everyone else had a good Christmas and you had everything you asked for off Santa.

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-Blogmas day 23- Ewan the dream sheep *Review*

Before I decided to move Logan into his own room, I was thinking about how I can make that transition a bit easier and less stressful for him, I had heard about Ewan the dream sheep from another mummy and some online reviews and they all praised it for helping their little ones sleep easier/better at night, so I took the plunge and bought myself one of these little sheep, well I won it on an eBay auction for £19 so I saved myself a few quid.
When I received in the post I wasn’t sure what to expect as I never really knew how big or small it was going to be but it was a decent size, Ewan was a lot rounder than id imagined but it does add to the cuteness factor! On first glance I noticed four purple legs, each one with its own soothing sound and when one is pressed a subtle red glow light emits from within Ewan the sheep, on inspection of the inside of the sheep there are 3 switches, one for volume and the other 2, I’m not yet sure what they do as I’ve not really messed around with them.
The 4 sounds are:
• heartbeat + womb
• heartbeat + vacuum cleaner
• heartbeat + harp music (This one is Logan’s favourite)
• heartbeat + rain
On Ewan’s tail there is some Velcro which you use to tie around the cot bars, to keep it from being a loose toy, this I love because Logan is very grabby and I know for a fact he would not leave it in one place had it not been for the Velcro strap on the tail.
Overall I am really impressed with Ewan’s effectiveness, I just wish it lasted longer than 20 minutes as I do have to pop back in to turn it back on if Logan wasn’t in his deep sleep state, but other than that I do really recommend it, I only wish I had bought it sooner when Logan was a newborn to help settle him and to create positive sleep associations to the sheep and not being fed/rocked/cuddled etc.

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-Blogmas day 19- Logan’s 7 month update

I never thought 7 months would come around this fast, it doesn’t seem that long ago when he was a newborn and sleeping for hours at a time, and could barely even lift his head, but he’s come on leaps and bounds since then and definitely has a cheeky/lovable personality.

What’s new this month:

  • Very very mobile
    • always wants to be on the move whether that be sitting on the floor, on my lap or in the jumperoo
  • Pulling himself up
    • He is just starting to try and pull himself up onto his feet, he loves standing up
  • He is cutting his 3rd/4th teeth
    • Teething is a bit*ch!
  • He still hasn’t got much hair, i think he’s going to be very fair like me and his dad
  • He is sitting totally unaided now, and doesn’t ever fall back or to the sides
  • He is sleeping in his own bedroom now
    • and we have just, literally started sleep training 😦
    • he still wakes atleast two times a night
  • He is in 6-9 month sleepsuit and clothes, but can squeeze into some of his 3-6 month tops still.
  • He loves his jumperoo, and his ball bit with all the colourful balls.
  • He loves his food, whether that be from a jar, or finger food
    • He is loving these organix banana rice cakes at the moment
  • He says mamma/mumma whenever he is crying or wanting comfort
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-Blogmas day 13- Logan’s first night in his own room 😥

You did read correctly, yes, last night I made the very brave decision to put Logan in his own room, I had been thinking about it for a while but never got round to it, or I hadn’t had the baby monitors but last Friday I bought these really cheap audio baby monitors which you plug into the wall (will do a review at some point) and so I had no excuse really, It was around 4pm before Logan’s last nap of the evening I had moved his cot from my bedroom into his room, and I had put logan in his own room for that nap and he settled rather quickly in my arms and didn’t wake up when I put him in his cot which he usually does do, and he had about a half an hour nap which was expected as that is one of the shorter naps of the day.

So he had his tea, bottle, bath and some playtime and rob (the OH) went and took logan upstairs into his room, and I was so anxious and nervous at this point, I was just thinking “tonight’s going to be a long night” as I didn’t think he’d sleep for long, but to my surprise he slept really well from 9pm he started fussing at 1am I only went in, put his dummy back in without eye contact, rubbed his back and he fell straight back to sleep until 3am for a bottle/cuddles but he didn’t settle straight away so I brought him into my room for a bit and when he fell asleep I slowly carried him back to his bedroom and off he went to sleep until 8am, so to be honest we had a pretty good night’s sleep, and I am so proud as I think he’s got another tooth coming in as well as he’s dribbling really bad again.

I am just hoping that tonight will be the same or better yet not waking for 3am feed, but we shall see because he still only has about 3 7oz bottles a day which I know doesn’t sound a lot but with BLW and baby porridge it does fill him up, if someone can tell me how many bottles he should be having at 7 months old then I’d love to know.

Here’s to another good sleep tonight and many more to come.

And if you’re thinking about putting your little ones in their own room, then just give it a try I say, you can always bring them back in your room if they are not ready, and if you have already made that transition; how did it go? Do you think there sleep has gotten better/worse, let me know.

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-Blogmas day 12-Why I started blogging

The main reason why I started blogging is because I needed something to do, a hobby if you will while the baby’s asleep, as some of you mums know it can get rather lonely when your other half’s not there and your baby can’t talk back, so I turn to social media and I have made a few mummy friends via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, however I have always been into writing and creating stuff, when I was in college we were encouraged to keep a blog “journal” to keep track of all the work we’ve created.

So blogging isn’t a new tool for me, I’ve always known about it and have started many blogs over the years, but none that I’ve been too passionate about, but when my son was born I decided, why not, I love my son and my fiancé so there was no better time to start blogging, my first blog post on this site was my labour and delivery story, which was naturally going to be my first post as it documents all about how I felt during the contractions and my water birth, which was amazing by the way.

Blogging for me is just another form of social media but without the 139 character word limit, it’s a free form of expression, like a personal diary if you will, because many people can read/find your blog and can sometimes even relate to what you’re saying.

I remember watching a programme on the bbc called “The C Word” based on a real life blog of a woman called Lisa Lynch who blogged all about her experience with her breast cancer diagnosis, portrayed in the programme by the wonderful actress Sheridan Smith, and I remember thinking, one day I want to write a blog as successful as that because other cancer sufferers could relate to her blog and she used clever witty humour to highlight the not so nice parts in her journey. I will leave a link to her blog here,Alrighttit.

So yeah my advice to anyone wishing to start a blog, just go for it, it’s a free country and you’ve got nothing to lose, my only comment would be write about what your passionate about, don’t start a blog about makeup if you don’t wear it, be true to who you are and the ideas will come flooding in and you never know your blog may become a real success and you could earn some cash along the way.

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-Blogmas Day 7- #The Christmas Tag


Thank you Natalie over at mummybutstillme for tagging me in this Christmas Tag, (gotta love a tag), So here is my version, hope it will suffice, i have tagged 3 awesome ladies with 3 awesome blogs for you to check out! Also even if you’ve not been tagged and you want to take part then feel free to do so.

My Cat Miles in his elf shirt

The Christmas Tag Questions

What is your favourite Christmas film? The Grinch is my all time favourite Christmas film, i always watch this on Xmas eve but sometimes even weeks before.

Have you ever had a white Christmas? Not that i can remember, it’s always been pretty cold and foggy but never snowed on Christmas day.

Where do you usually spend your holiday? Since i moved out of the family home 3 years ago i have always, always gone back to my mums for Christmas day, it’s just tradition now, and i’ll be going to my mums this year too.

What is your favourite Christmas song? Hmm if i had to choose just one song it would have to Last Christmas by Wham, just because that seems to be the only song i go back to over the festive season.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? No, even when we were little we were never allowed to open any presents before Christmas, but i think i may alter that tradition with Logan as i want him to feel excited and to have something on Christmas eve it might just help him sleep, as we all know it’s “hard to sleep until Santa has been”.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Rudolph, Dasher, Vixen, Prancer, Cupid..that’s honestly all i remember.

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year? It will be Logans first Christmas so I’m excited to start my own traditions which we’ll carry on every year, im looking forward to having xmas dinner at my mums, the board games, the music, the late night telly, the conversations, the giving on gifts, the memories and taking pictures.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Fake, we’ve never had a real one, in fact none of my family have ever had a real christmas tree.

What is your all time favourite holiday food/sweet treat? Pigs in blankets and Trifle with brandy cream 😉

Be honest, do you like giving or receiving gifts better? When i was younger, naturally it was recieveing but now im a parent giving is definitely better as i love seeing peoples faces light up at the wonderful gifts we’ve gotten and i cant wait for those years where logans older and understands xmas a lot more.

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received? Hmm probably a laptop which i had off my mum to help with my college studies, either that or my manchester united top with my surname on the back!

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? My mums house, nothing beats going there, if i went anywhere else i’d feel strange and i wouldn’t be able to settle, but if my mum and everyone came too then Italy as thats where alot my relatives live.

Are you a pro-present wrapper or do you fail miserably?  Depends, sometimes i put the effort in and sometimes if im tired i tend to rush it and it ends up looking like a dogs been at it.

Most memorable holiday moment?  Going to my nanny’s house on christmas morning after we’d opened all our presents at home, then the excitement to see what your nan had got us, oh and then there’s the bar of soap incident when i was about 7 years old i thought a bar soap was one of them green viscount bars (the chocolaty mint thing) yeah that was pretty memorable.

What made you realise the truth about Santa? I would like to go in to detail but i’ll just say Rudolph left a trail of mince pie to my mums bedroom

What makes the holidays special for you? Being with my family and now my son, i have a feeling this christmas will be the best one yet.

Right, now your turn! I tag the following lovely  mummies.

Valerie @ livinglighterinatlanta

Nicola @ mummytodex

Katie @golddust

Looking forward to reading yours, get typing ladies! x Pass on the tag

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-Blogmas Day 6- My Alphabetical Year in Review! 2016

Big thanks to the lovely Valerie over at livinglighterinatlanta  for posting the original Alphabetical year in review, so i thought i would give this a go myself, wish me luck. Feel free to take part also and don’t forget to shout out the previous person for giving you the inspiration the write the post.

A: Anxiety – A constant battle

B: Blog – started this blog in September

C: Chatterbox – A fun filled Wednesday morning for both me and Logan

D: Dinosaur – Logan’s nursery is dinosaur theme

E: Engaged – Rob proposed to me in August 2016

F: Fibre optic – we’ve recently upgraded our BT service so now we have super fast internet

G:  Gaming – I played a lot of Black ops 3 this year

H: House – we moved into our new house in February

I: Instagram – Lots of baby spam over on my Instagram page and I’m not guilty (Mummytologanxx)

J: January i turned 23 years young 😉

K: Kind – I’ve met a lot of kind , wonderful people in 2016

L: Logan, my son was born on the 19th of May 2016

M: Nicola  i made a new Instagram/twitter friend, go check her blog its great!

N: Nightmare Before Christmas – I watched it, was pretty good!

O: Oyster – got Logan a new pram yesterday the Oyster

P: Pokemon Sun and Moon – well this game is just awesome

Q: Quiz – this post in itself is a kind of quiz

R: Robert – My fiance got a new job in April at Home bargains

S: Sweep – I had a sweep on the Sunday prior to Logan’s due date

T: Tattoo – I got my first tattoo 4 weeks ago

U: United States – Have got a lovely friend over in the US! (Hi Madeline)

V: Vaccinations – I hated when logan had to have his vaccines.

W: Weaning – We started weaning logan onto solids at 6 months old

X: Xray – had an x-ray on my teeth today at the dentist

Y: Youtube – I started making YouTube videos again

Z: Zombie – Sleepless nights with logan are not fun, i feel like a zombie most of the time

Thanks for reading – this probably was one of the harder posts to write. Let me know if you do it too, would love to read your year in review!!

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan.

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-Blogmas Day 4- Hauck Shopper Shop N Drive Travel System Review

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I thought i would take this opportunity to write a review on my much loved Hauck pram which i am having to sell as I’ve just bought Logan a new pram for Christmas, only because i wanted a parent facing pram, and i miss being able to see Logan when out and about, other than that its a brilliant first time pram.

I just wanted to say that this pram has done a fab job at being a travel system, it is really easy to attach the car seat especially when Logan was a newborn, its really effortless to fold down and fit into the boot, its also a very nice, smooth pram to move around with front swivel / lockable wheels.

My favourite thing about the Hauck pram has to be the 2 cup holders on the handle bar, as its so useful for putting my drink or logans bottle/snacks/tissues, anything you want really, its definitely a great all rounder, now Logan is in the pushchair part  he loves being able sit upright and see the world passing by.

I also really like how easy the pram is to steer and assemble, especially for getting it in and out of the boot. Another great feature especially because we don’t drive, it has a huge shopping basket beneath the pram as evidenced the picture (Slideshow above ^) .

The best thing about this pram is that the manufacturer of the Hauck series is in Wrexham, where i live so it feels great to have supported a local business, i know the brand isn’t well known and not an expensive brand like Silver Cross or Cossatto but it is an awesome pram in my eyes and you won’t be dissapointed.

So if you’re looking for a travel system that is comfortable, easy to assemble and steer around then this is the pram for you, it comes in a variety of different colours and styles so just google Hauck and you won’t be dissapointed.

“It’s a good all rounder for the first time parent” – Robert Jones (Fiance and loving daddy to Logan)

“Such a great pram, so easy to fold down and get in the boot” – Julia Jones (My lovely mother, nanny to Logan)

Keep ssmiling 😄 ~mummytologan

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-Blogmas Day 3- Baby led Weaning *my thoughts so far 

So far we have loved baby led weaning, as messy as it is, Logan seems to really enjoy playing with the food, exploring the new tastes and textures, even though I have plenty of time in the day to make and prepare something extravagant for Logan’s tea, it does sometime feel a bit like time’s been wasted since a lot of it ends up on the floor or he’s just not in the mood to eat at that time.

With that being said I have decided to do both baby led weaning and offer jars/pouches for those times when I’ve forgotten to make him something or when he can’t eat what me and his daddy are eating that evening, he does love his food so far though whether that’s been a piece of fresh fruit/veg or from a baby food jar.

These are the foods we have offered Logan so far:

  • Boiled Egg
  • Pear
  • Omelette
  • Scrambled egg
  • Apple
  • Carrot
  • Mash potato
  • Pasta
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cheese
  • Banana (His absolute favourite)
  • Pancakes (banana and normal)
  • Garden peas

If you have any recipes or foods i should try with then please let me know in the comments.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan