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-Blogmas day 20- Asda Little Angles Nappies *Review*

I was using Aldi mamia nappies from when Logan was newborn and they were great, but as he moved up into bigger sizes we noticed a lot of leaking nappies especially at those 3am wake up calls!

So I then moved him onto pampers baby dry nappies which I had no leaking with but as they were more expensive I couldn’t keep buying these especially in bulk so I needed an alternative, and since I buy my pampers nappies from Asda anyway I noticed that they did their own range which were the Little Angels and there was a fantastic offer on which was 3 packs for £10, yes £10 which was an absolute bargain, and they weren’t small packs either there are like 48 nappies in each pack, so I decided to give these ones a go, you can check that deal out here if you like; Little Angles Nappies.

My first impressions where great actually the design on the nappy is pretty cute, but I would just like to say I would like to say maybe a cute little tiger or raccoon instead of an elephant or maybe every pack of nappies has different designs that way you can mix and match designs that you like.

When trying them on Logan for the first time they felt really spacious but actually there was an indicator on the nappies which told you when it was time to move them up to the next size which I thought was super neat and useful, I’ve not seen any nappies with that design feature before, so that’s a plus. I’m happy to say that we haven’t had one accident or leaky explosion and I definitely intend on using these nappies from now on, and for the price you can’t argue with that, and now they have their Christmas range of little angles out so look out for my super cute Instagram post of Logan in a Santa clause nappy, and apparently they even have a range of Pepper pig “first pants” by the little angles brand too, which i will definitely be purchasing on Friday as they look so adorable.

So overall I am super pleased with these little angels nappies and in fact I adore the little angles bedtime lavender bubble bath too, so much cheaper than the Johnsons bedtime bath as well, but does exact same thing.

Let me know which nappies you use for your little ones, are they good? What nappies don’t you like and why?

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed my review.

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-Blogmas Day 6- My Alphabetical Year in Review! 2016

Big thanks to the lovely Valerie over at livinglighterinatlanta  for posting the original Alphabetical year in review, so i thought i would give this a go myself, wish me luck. Feel free to take part also and don’t forget to shout out the previous person for giving you the inspiration the write the post.

A: Anxiety – A constant battle

B: Blog – started this blog in September

C: Chatterbox – A fun filled Wednesday morning for both me and Logan

D: Dinosaur – Logan’s nursery is dinosaur theme

E: Engaged – Rob proposed to me in August 2016

F: Fibre optic – we’ve recently upgraded our BT service so now we have super fast internet

G:  Gaming – I played a lot of Black ops 3 this year

H: House – we moved into our new house in February

I: Instagram – Lots of baby spam over on my Instagram page and I’m not guilty (Mummytologanxx)

J: January i turned 23 years young 😉

K: Kind – I’ve met a lot of kind , wonderful people in 2016

L: Logan, my son was born on the 19th of May 2016

M: Nicola  i made a new Instagram/twitter friend, go check her blog its great!

N: Nightmare Before Christmas – I watched it, was pretty good!

O: Oyster – got Logan a new pram yesterday the Oyster

P: Pokemon Sun and Moon – well this game is just awesome

Q: Quiz – this post in itself is a kind of quiz

R: Robert – My fiance got a new job in April at Home bargains

S: Sweep – I had a sweep on the Sunday prior to Logan’s due date

T: Tattoo – I got my first tattoo 4 weeks ago

U: United States – Have got a lovely friend over in the US! (Hi Madeline)

V: Vaccinations – I hated when logan had to have his vaccines.

W: Weaning – We started weaning logan onto solids at 6 months old

X: Xray – had an x-ray on my teeth today at the dentist

Y: Youtube – I started making YouTube videos again

Z: Zombie – Sleepless nights with logan are not fun, i feel like a zombie most of the time

Thanks for reading – this probably was one of the harder posts to write. Let me know if you do it too, would love to read your year in review!!

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan.