Logan, tag

The (Not fat or big) quiz of the year TAG!

I was tagged by the lovely Lisacowan in this tag to celebrate all that was great in the year 2016! I don’t nominate anyone in particular, so if you are reading this then BOO your tagged!
What was your highlight of 2016?
My obvious highlight of 2016 was the birth of my son Logan Robert Jones who was born on the 19th of May, it feels like he’s been here forever – can’t see a life without him now, he’s my world!

Name one thing you are most likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

My labour and the year of logan’s birth, or could be the year Robbie proposed to me, there is quite a lot that has happened in 2016 which i could have remembered.
Sum up 2016 in one word.

Name one pearl of wisdom from 2016 that you will carry with you through 2017. 
One piece of advice that i will definitely be bringing with me into 2017 is this very famous quote, “don’t worry, be happy” because life is very precious and you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Do you have any new years resolutions
Yes but whether or not i will be able to stick to them I’ll never know, but here goes;
  • Eat less, do more (that one is self-explanatory but will make a blog post)
    • On the same lines as that, drink more water
  • Read more books to Logan (I’ll admit i have been slacking with reading but i do want to incorporate reading into his bedtime routine)
  • Manage my money better (Get a piggy bank)
  • Go on at least 1 date night a month with Rob (Get babysitter)
How are you seeing in the new year?
Not doing anything particular, Logan’s already fast asleep and me and rob are watching the telly, but new year’s day i am cooking us a chicken dinner with all the trimmings!
What would you most like to do in 2017?
 Bloody hell, there’s loads, realistic and more dreams.
  1. Save money up towards our wedding/holiday
  2. Go away, even if its for a small break to somewhere in the UK
  3. Take Logan to Chester zoo/Sea life aquarium
  4. Go self-hosted on my blog
    1. Keep posting consistently and hope to maybe make a few quid along the way
  5. Do more fun stuff with Logan and cherish everyday

What are your main goals for 2017

  • Lose this mum-tum once and for all
    • I’ll be honest ive been lazy and been in my own bubble, just from being so exhausted with waking up multiple times a night with night feeds/cuddles
  • Go on a holiday
  • Keep blogging

Thanks everyone for reading – HAPPY NEW YEAR! X


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