-Blogmas day 24- Logan’s first Christmas Eve

Christmas eve, wow that’s come around rather quickly hasn’t it, today started like any normal day, to be honest, me and Logan went into town, met Robbie after he finished work and had some lunch, we then split and did our Christmas shopping for each other, we had a budget so neither felt guilty for spending too much or too little etc.

When we got home all we really did was watched Christmas movies, one being 101 Dalmatians (now that film takes me back to my childhood), Robbie wanted to open the Christmas chocolates, those were pretty much demolished by rob!

Because logan is still only very young he obviously didn’t understand the whole Christmas spirit, so was just like any other day for him but with the obvious decor changes like presents under tree that Santa brought, with tinsel and lights everywhere.

That’s pretty much all that happened really, Christmas eve really isn’t much different to our usual days, well until logan gets older and can understand,



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