Christmas, Logan

-Blogmas day 16- Blogmas

xmas_balls.jpgGosh who would have thought blogging everyday would be quite so difficult, not only did i join in late and have to make up those posts for the days i’d missed, i didn’t prepare at all, so thinking of topics to write about has been a challenge in itself, i know not all my posts have been Christmas related but that’s because i didn’t know they had to be, with this being my first blogmas year.

If i had known i was taking part in blogmas i would have prepared a bit more and perhaps wrote a list of all the topics i may want to talk about and possible Christmas related arts/crafts/baking. I know what i want to make and that is salt dough decorations but sadly dont have the ingredients so may have to give them a miss but i would like to make a mini Christmas dinner for Logan and document how that went.

If you’re struggling with blogmas too, then don’t worry you’re not alone.




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