-Blogmas day 10- We went to see Father Christmas πŸŽ…

On Friday I took logan to go see Father Christmas in the people’s market, he got a present and we had pictures taken and well logan was fascinatated with Santa’s hat and beared.

I remember going to see Santa as a child and the magic it brought, because obviously you believed and wanted to tell him what you wanted for christmas and he’d give me a present, but I must say the gifts back then we’re naff, selection box or something from the Β£1 shop, but really it wasn’t about getting the gift it was about meeting Santa as he was some sort of celebrity to us kids, and we couldn’t believe we were meeting him for the first time. 😌

I want logan to believe for as long as possible, and i want him to feel the Christmas magic for many many years to come. πŸŽ…

Though with every Christmas, comes a new year, and babies a year older which is scary to think about, I don’t want him to grow up too fast, i want him to stay innocent and care free.


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