Mummy’s homemade cheesy omelette 

Today I thought I’d try logan with some cheesy omelette for his lunch, was very easy to make, just whisk 1 egg, his formula milk and cheese and pour into frying pan until cooked. Much like the banana pancakes I made the other day, it ended up mostly on the floor! 🍳 

I also gave him one of the pancakes I had left over along with small cubes of mild cheese, as well as his tommee tippee beaker which he’s slowly getting to grips with! 

My main concern is when he’s eating and gags, i never know what’s going to happen when he puts the food into his mouth, i know he’s learning to Swallow but I still don’t like seeing him gag.

Tonight for his tea he’s having pea puree with Greek yogurt and strawberry for desert!

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan 

–If you’ve got any other BLW recipes that you’d like to see me try please do leave a comment. I love reading your suggestions!–


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