Logan’s 24 week update 

  • Logan’s come on leaps and bounds and is showing all typical 5th leap behaviours.
  • He has recently discovered his feet and tries to eat them when he’s in the bath or when I’m changing his nappy.
  • He is constantly drooling and we’re going through a ton of bibs because of this nasty teething pain, he has 2 bottom teeth already.
  • Logan can now sit up unaided,sometimes he’ll have a few wobbles but that’s it he’s trying to reach for something a tad out of his grasp.
  • He can roll over, front to back and back to front(I know it’s a little later than other babies his age but he never really liked tummy time).
  • He loves watching bear grylls born survivor with me in the morning.
  • He’s currently in size 4 nappies and 3-6 clothes but some 6-9 month fits him well. 
  • He’s still sleeping in his cot in our bedroom, i plan on moving him into his own room before Christmas.
  • He loves bananas and carrots so far..
  • He loves having his teeth brushed.
  • He’s at the age now where if new people holds him he will cry out for either me or rob.
  • On that note if I leave the room he will cry 😭 safe to say he’s a mummy’s boy 

That’s about everything for this week.

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan 


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