The one thing I regret the most…😢

Surprisingly there aren’t many things I regret since having Logan. But there is one thing that has always played on my mind and that is breastfeeding, i do regret not trying, i do regret doing soley bottle feeding, why did I let the pressure of others sway me to use the bottle? Why is breastfeeding such a taboo subject? 

I guess my anxiety didn’t help either, I was thinking to my self, what if my baby gets hungry and im in the middle of Primark? I couldn’t exactly wack out a boob?

I just feel awkward when every other mum I know is breastfeeding and im there with a bottle, just makes me feel like i’ve chose the wrong way.

I know I shouldn’t have let society tell me how I should have fed my baby but that’s just what happened, and i know it’s too late to regret it now but I does bother me especially at nights when breastfeeding would have been a heck of a lot more convenient rather than sending the other half down at 3am for a bottle and even more so in the early days. 🍼

Don’t get me wrong i still like bottle feeding there’s nothing wrong with it, as he’s still healthy, happy and strong which is all I wished for, I couldn’t imagine breastfeeding now he’s got 2 bottom teeth, he’d probably bite my nipple off! πŸ˜‚ 

But yeah I just wanted to share that little insight with you, it is a rather sensitive subject for me to openly talk about which is why I haven’t spoke about this before.

So if your yexpecting our first child and you’ve read this and your debating whether or not to breastfeed, i would say do what you want but don’t make my mistake and not give breastfeeding a go, you still get a good bond while bottle feeding plus it means your partner /mother or who ever else can help you feed baby.

Keep smiling πŸ˜„ ~mummytologan 


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