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Lets discuss – The DAD!

The main reason I wanted to talk about the daddies, partners, other half’s, (whatever you call your man in your life) is because I feel like they don’t get enough credit, especially when you see people complaining how their partners are not very good dads or they don’t do enough for them etc.

I basically just wanted to let you know that not every man is like that, the reason I know this is because Rob (My hubby to be) is in fact one of the kindest, and most caring people I know, I am so grateful to have a man like him take care of both me and our son, he’s definitely a great dad to Logan.

I know I don’t often praise him, but I really should start to tell him how great he’s being more, especially if it’s true, I know it can be hard on the new dad because they’re learning too, in fact the dads need just as much encouragement because it’s not instinctive to them like it us, new mummies.

Having a baby certainly can put a strain on the relationship especially since the man is not “getting any” and has certain “needs”, but to be fair Rob has always respected me and has been very patient and understanding especially since I’ve not had as much of a libido since Logan was born, but it’s getting there, Slowly.

I also wanted to tell you knew mummies and daddies to be, not to worry about whose going to be doing night feeds and whose going to change the poopy nappies because you will fall into a routine and you’ll just automatically work something out, obviously if the dad has paternity leave that’s even better news as he can offer more help while you mums have a much needed rest, however unfortunately I didn’t have such privilege because Rob had just got a new job so wasn’t entitled to paternity leave, so it was hard going from the get go, but you know what nearly 7 months on and I’m not bothered, I’m still alive and Logan’s as happy and healthy as he can be.

Robert Jones (my loving fiance) this paragraph is especially for you, I just wanted to say how amazing you have been over the past 6 and a half months, I know it’s been a very tiring and challenging time for us both, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be the daddy to my children, as soppy as this may be I want the world to know how much I appreciate you, and how much Logan adores you and I know we’ll have a very happy, loving household because, we love each other! And that’s the most important thing!


Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan

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Do I want more children?

The short answer – YES! I couldn’t imagine Logan being an only child, and i wouldn’t want him to be, I’m not saying I want loads of children but maybe 3 kids is a nice number, I don’t know when these other 2 babies are going to happen but I do know that I don’t want a huge age gap as I think it would be nice for Logan to grow up with a brother or sister and have similar interests and play with the same toys, as opposed to one playing on the PlayStation and the other wanting to play Lego for example.

Me and Rob haven’t really discussed when we’re going to be trying for #2 but I’m sure at some point after the new year we will be talking about it, I’m not too sure what age gap would be best, but whatever happens it’s going to be a lot more challenging/rewarding with the second baby, whether there 5 months apart or 10.

Obviously having to go through those dreaded contractions and the morning sickness isn’t fun at all, but to get a super sweet angel baby at the end of it is definitely worth it! And the unconditional love you feel and that rush of love, is like no other!

The day we came home

I’m not saying I want to get pregnant again now, but if it where to happen I wouldn’t be sad, I’d be scared, yes because you think how can I cope with 2 babies but I’m sure its possible I mean loads of women have babies closer together, and my logic is, if you have your babies earlier, you can get all them horrible sleepless nights out of the way sooner rather than having a child who sleep through and then all of a sudden going back to sleepless nights, feels like it would be a lot more difficult in my opinion.

Please let me know your thoughts on this subject, and what age gap you think is best between siblings?

Thanks for reading.

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan.

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What i miss the most about having a newborn! 👶

  1. The long naps, when we were in the hospital I never heard a peep out of logan when all the other babies where crying. Even when we brought him home he was always sleeping…enjoy it while it lasts 😴
  2. Tiny baby sleep suits, i miss those teeny tiny sleepsuits swaying on the washing line and the days when logan could sleep on my chest and he only weighed 7lbs.
  3. There cute facial expressions, even though he couldn’t smile I still loved the faces he made and all the cute noisies he used to make when he was sleeping.
  4. The fact random people will stop and coo at your new bundle and ask you i guarantee how much did he weigh / how old is he, since I had logan I’ve definitely been a lot more social, despite my anxiety
  5. I miss being able to walk out the room and not have logan screaming for me every 5 minutes, obviously he’s going through a leap where he’s clingy at the moment.

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan

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Organix finger foods review (carrot sticks)

While I was in town yesterday I was looking through the baby food section and thought well seeing as we’re doing BLW with Logan and he seems to be OK with the food I’ve offered so far I thought I’d pick up some of these Organix carrot sticks (yes they are basically bigger wotsits) but nonetheless Logan actually really loved them and since they melt in the mouth I wasn’t worried at all about him choking.

Obviously I just offered him a few as a snack while I was going around town seeing as I couldn’t exactly let him eat whatever it was me and rob ate for lunch (KFC) 😛

Even though it states 7+ months on the pack, I’m pretty sure that’s just a guideline as he devours them in minutes!

Oh and yes he is hwearing a 1st Christmas bib as we had his photos done at Max Spielmann yesterday, can I just say how cute he was and we’ll behaved sitting up for his photo.

So yes mummy’s / Daddy’s if you have a baby whose about 6 months and your BLW why not give these finger foods a try! There a hit with logan.

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan

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What’s been on the menu today?

For Logan’s lunch I thought I’d offer him something little as he had his breakfast (porridge) a bit later today but as you can see from the picture he loved it, I definitely think banana is his favorite fruit!

I cut it in half and left skin on bottom half a bit like a banana popsicle, it was definitely alot easier for him to hold.

For Logan’s tea I made him some spiral pasta, broccoli and cauliflower florrets no seasoning! Was going to add a bit of cheese but decided against it, this neal went down great, he actually loved the broccoli (or baby trees as my fiancé calls them) I also offered him some cool boiled water in his tommee tippee beaker!

So today was a BLW success! 😜 And I actually had a pretty good day and night off logan with minimum crying and tantrums! Result #mumwin

If any one tries these foods with their little ones, please do let me know!

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan


Clingy baby and tantrums 👶😭

Recently Logan, my little angel baby has turned into such a little monkey, so clingy especially with me,  i can’t leave the room for more than a couple of minutes without him screaming out for me, he has these hysterical screaming fits during the night too, it’s so exhausting! 😞😴 especially when your used to your baby sleeping through! 

And I’ve even noticed logan having little tantrums, Yes he’s 6 months old and has little tantrums, over little things like he’s dropped his dummy or I’ve took something from him that he’s got hold of like, his dad’s playstation remote or my hair! 

 Having this jumperoo helps a little bit too, as it gives me a little of time to make myself something to eat, but I’m sure this phase will pass.

But there I’ve found there is light at the end of the clingy tunnel stage, and there are reasons behind his behaviour, and that is the dreaded LEAP! If you don’t know what these are i will leave a link here explaining them much better than I can. All About Leaps

There is also an app too which you can use to track which leap your baby is going through! The wonder weeks app This has been a life saver, and explains everything you may need to know, very accurate and it can tell you when there next leaps are going to be, based on your child’s due date. 

If you found this post useful, or if you download the app then let me know, and tell me if you found it useful too!

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan.


Mummy’s homemade cheesy omelette 

Today I thought I’d try logan with some cheesy omelette for his lunch, was very easy to make, just whisk 1 egg, his formula milk and cheese and pour into frying pan until cooked. Much like the banana pancakes I made the other day, it ended up mostly on the floor! 🍳 

I also gave him one of the pancakes I had left over along with small cubes of mild cheese, as well as his tommee tippee beaker which he’s slowly getting to grips with! 

My main concern is when he’s eating and gags, i never know what’s going to happen when he puts the food into his mouth, i know he’s learning to Swallow but I still don’t like seeing him gag.

Tonight for his tea he’s having pea puree with Greek yogurt and strawberry for desert!

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan 

–If you’ve got any other BLW recipes that you’d like to see me try please do leave a comment. I love reading your suggestions!–


BLW: Banana Pancakes 🍌🍴

For Logan’s lunch today I thought I would try him with some Banana pancakes, which by the way was stupidly easy to make, i got the recipe from the awesomely amazing mummytodex, you can find her recipe here

Fair to say most of it ended up on the floor but hey, what’s that saying “food before one is just for fun” but he did seem to enjoy them as he loves bananas. 🍌 I love introducing logan to new tastes and textures, might try him with cheese tomorrow or let him have a taste of broccoli/cauliflower florrets.

Hope you enjoyed reading this srelatively hort post.

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan 


Fisher price Jumperoo review 

First off can i just say a big thank you to my in laws Dawn and Wayne for letting me open logan’s jumperoo early, i know it’s for christmas but logan needed this in his life! ⭐️
 On first glance the box it came in was huge, we assembled it and put logan into it immediately he was glued to the butterfly as he could nibble on it, must be good relief for his tooty pegs! Then he discovered it bounced and now he absolutely loves it, constantly bouncing up and down to the music that it plays. Here’s a short clip of logan in the Jumperoo for the first time:

This Fisherprice Jumperoo which you can buy off Amazon buy the way this deal is amazing and so much value for your money, makes an excellent Christmas present.

Putting logan in this just gives me that 5 minutes to either tidy, clean up, sterilise his bottles, write a blog post, review awesome products!😜

All in all I thoroughly recommend this Fisher price Jumperoo to anyone. 

5* from me and Logan! 💙 ⭐️

Keep 😄 smiling ~mummytologan