20 facts about moi 😜

  1. I am 23 years old and mummy to Logan whose nearly 6 months old 
  2. I have a degree in creative media computing 
  3. I have congenital anosmia (no sense of smell) I’ll write a blog post more in depth about it.
  4. I prefer savoury to sweet things 
  5. My dream job is either becoming a vet or working for a gaming company 
  6. I suffer with anxiety, big crouds scare me. I tend to avoid social events like parties.
  7. I am a newly engaged to my fiance Robert Jones who I’ve been with since 2012
  8. I hope to start my driving lessons before Xmas this year 
  9. My favourite color is BLUE🔵
  10. I do want more kids, not sure when it’s going to happen but I’d like a girl and maybe another boy 
  11. My favourite food is Chinese my favourite takeaway is domino’s 
  12. I’ve never got into trouble with the police 
  13. I love animals, I’d own a zoo if I was a millionaire 
  14. My dream is to win the lottery
  15. Logan has changed my life for the better 
  16. I was born and raised in wrexham (small north Walian town)
  17. My favourite emoji is this one (🙊)
  18. I’m an introvert 
  19. I am a whiz on a computer, I love technology 
  20. And finally my favourite TV programme is Bear Grylls – born survivor.